St Louis Non-Profit Counsel

The attorneys at Beckemeier LeMoine Law advise Missouri and Illinois nonprofit entities regarding formation, tax exemption, governance and employment matters. Because of the wide-ranging regulatory and statutory framework governing nonprofit entities, both at a state and federal level, it is important to partner with attorneys who have experience specifically with nonprofit entities. Not only do we have experience counseling nonprofit entities regarding legal matters, but our extensive consulting and volunteer experience means we understand board governance, compensation issues, and other challenges that nonprofit entities face on a day-to-day basis.

St Louis Non-Profit Counsel

We have assisted nonprofit entities with choosing the appropriate corporate form and preparing appropriate bylaws and other governing documents, and with obtaining tax-exempt recognition by the IRS and state tax authorities. As mentioned above, because of the strict regulatory and statutory framework governing nonprofit entities, board members and leaders must be cognizant of avoiding running afoul of anti-abuse rules and the appearance of impropriety with respect to personal use of organizational assets. We have successfully prepared and implemented effective conflict of interest, non-discrimination, compensation testing and other policies to help keep nonprofit entities in compliance and protect its tax status.

In addition, employment laws apply differently to nonprofit and religious organizations such that it takes an experienced nonprofit attorney to understand best how to defend a nonprofit in an employment claim or prepare appropriate policies and procedures around hiring, firing, discipline, and other personnel matters. We have also assisted many nonprofit entities with developing employment agreements for key personnel and executive review policies and procedures which are compliant with IRS regulations.

Beckemeier LeMoine Law is committed to supporting non-profits because we believe they not only help our local community but the world at large.

We can help with…

  • Non-profit formation
  • Tax exemption
  • Non-profit governance
  • Employment matters

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