Beckemeier LeMoine Q&A With Member Shabnam Nouraie

Shabnam NouraieBeckemeier LeMoine member, and partner Shabnam Nouraie has nearly 10 years of experience in a wide range of law, though she primarily focuses on real estate and related matters.

Having joined the Beckemeier Law Firm years before the launch of Beckemeier LeMoine Law, Shabnam shares her thoughts on the new firm, company culture, emphasis on client service and more.

After spending more than seven years with the Beckemeier Law Firm, LC, what were your initial thoughts about the formation of Beckemeier LeMoine Law?

Shabnam:  I was excited.  This was something that was well-thought-out from the start. Jim (Beckemeier) knew Bryan (LeMoine) well, and the two of them did an excellent job of making sure we were a good fit.  We all have complementary skills and a similar vision for the firm.

Beyond having complementary skills and experience, are there any other elements that have made the creation of Beckemeier LeMoine Law a success?

Shabnam:  Yes – that we all share the same basic, foundational values with regard to the practice of law. Everyone in the firm believes in the importance of doing top-notch work and taking exceptional care of our clients. Having those basic shared beliefs in place is essential to long-term success. I very much appreciate knowing everyone in the firm will treat a client I’m working with every bit as well as I would.

How have clients reacted?

Shabnam:  Our clients have been very pleased. For our business clients especially, I believe they appreciate the expansion of our practice areas.  And generally, our clients know and trust us to take care of them.  They are seeing that we will continue to put them first.

Is there a key, specific trait everyone in the firm shares when it comes to client service?

Shabnam: We’re all strong believers in communication. Everyone here recognizes how much clients value clear, consistent, and timely communication and we’re all committed to providing that.

So excellent client service begins with communication?

Shabnam: It begins there and grows from there. We all take the time to get to know our clients, not just as clients but as people. Whether you are preparing an estate plan for an individual or advising a CEO regarding a company matter, practicing law is a “people business.” It is important to understand what is driving the client and what the client’s goals and interests are in order to deliver the right outcome for that particular client.  We take the time to get to know our clients and communicate honestly and effectively at every step of our representation.

Does being a smaller law firm make that easier?

Shabnam: Yes. The size of the firm definitely facilitates our client-centric approach.  Having fewer attorneys means clients have access to the partners that are driving their matters and an opportunity to get to know the associates as well. There’s nothing wrong with large law firms, but I believe our clients choose us because we give them the attention they deserve and have the experience and skill to provide excellent representation while doing so.  There is no substitute for truly caring about your clients, wanting to do your best for them, and taking the time to do so.

From a technical standpoint, practicing law, what improvements have you seen?

Shabnam: We have more depth of experience as well as background in a wider range of practice areas.  Also, our areas of expertise are complimentary.  Having Bryan here for example, means we have immediate access to his many years of experience in labor and employment law, which is great for all of our business clients. Overall, having expanded the practice in terms of range and depth makes the firm more valuable to our clients.

What are your thoughts about the future of the firm?

I think we have built a solid foundation and I’m passionate about what we are doing and proud to be a part of the firm.  As for the future – we are creating a practice based on the values we share – putting clients first and doing our very best work for them.  To me, this is a recipe for long-term success.

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